music production

producers and labels in a professional and fresh mood

are here to make your dream come true

  •  Main Control + 2 Booths.  30 channels                    20e \ hour

  •  Main Control+ Room + 3 Booths.  30 channels     25e \ hour

  •  B control + Room.  8 channels (live rec.)                 15e \ hour       

editing-resampling-mastering *
 A big fully equipped main room with
PA (Martin Audio) and 4 monitor lines.       
9e / hour  (guitars-bass-percussions-keys-drum
and 2ch live rec. are included)                       
   From 10:00 to 17:00                 7.5e / hour
music orchestration and composition *
 Various producers for every kind of music
live events  *
We  manage and promote your event or concert in collaboration with our audio and visual partners
  Promotion & Advertising
       Production team specialized in
  • Radio commercials

  • TV spots 

  • Documentary voicing 

  • Any  type of promotion and advertising