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Jam Music is a Greek (Thessaloniki) based company, founded and run by the producer and musician Nikos Nikolopoulos (Nikos Bjd) since 1982.

As a  global community of musicians and producers, we are remixing and blending songs and ideas, trying to create an innovative 

aural and visual journey for the audience.   


Intro jam & Unter jam, are our Labels for music production and promotion.

Studio Jam is our main space for recording and rehearsals with fully provided equipment. 


There is a Support team for organizing concerts and cultural events, and a. Production team for radio spots and voiceovers.


ενορχηστρωσειςπροβες μουσικης μουσικες παραγωγες υποστηριξη συναυλιων στουντιο

Artemidos 60
Thessaloniki  54 644
Studio Jam - 2310 928 364
Jam Music  - 694 478 9907
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