Headroom recordings is a concept recording facility that combines goods of the home recording environment with all the large scale recording studio advantages . Conceived by independent Artist - Composer - Engineer Dennis Konstantinidis and bringing high end recordings combined with orchestration guidance and music industry consultation. We work , and by all means , we means more than just Dennis Konstantinidis, with rock bands, metal bands, punk rock bands, independent artists, hip hop artists, Folk and many more genres of music. In our studio we work using 3 basic mindsets no matter how the material is given to us, meaning weather it is a recording done using our own trident console or our Amek Neve preamp , or it is a set of exported channels worked on a different DAW. The first mindset or mixing setup is the Full digital mix Using Logic pro X and a wide variety of plugins this has the advantage of recalling mixes completely and on any computer. The second way is the half digital as we like to call it, which refers to mixes completed in the digital format and then summed on our Trident desk as stereo stems with overall eq added and hardware processing along the way . This is you could say is the Best of both worlds setting. The third mindset mixing routine - template is the full analog mix which refers to mixes that use logic strictly as a playback engine and the tracks are routed one per channel of the console. This mixing process improves harmonics develops depth and deliver detail on mixes like no other.
Since 2005 the history is short but rich with adventurous recordings happy moments endless editing and relentless Jamming!
For the record Dennis has worked with Numerous Famous Artists Such as Fillipos Pliatsikas ,Onar,Theodosia Tsatsou, Zak Stefanou mainly in Greece and mainly playing the guitar as well as engineering live shows and Studio recordings.
Album Production Post production with six years of endless experience in sound and music for advertising purposes,
hundreds of live shows. Theatrical sound production and organisation. You name it and we deliver.
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The Roots of belair is a trio consisting of Theo Arampatzis-Bass Mpampis Petsinis - Drums and Dennis Konstantinidis - Guitars Vocals from Thessaloniki Greece

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